Hood Numbers

In this section we show you how we applied the hood number stencils on to our half track.

Remember always prep the surface. Decide the position and secure with a bit of tape. Measure and measure again to check you have it in the right position.  Don't forget to check both sides with hood numbers!

Once the position is right apply a strip or two of masking tape along the top edge.

This will allow you to create a hinge. Remove the backing paper carefully.

Once removed carefully smooth down on to the hood of the vehicle.

Use a squeegee or similar to carefully smooth out any bubbles of air or kinks in the stencil. Carefully peel back the application tape from the front of the stencil and any masking tape.
Resmooth if necassary, again using smooth edge. We chose to use a roller but sprays or stipple brushes work well too. Take your time and apply the paint in layers, not too many though.
Completely cover the stencil, it might take a few coats. Once dry it's try, but not so dry the stencil is stuck you're ready to remove the stencil. Gently peel back the stencil from the body.

The Finished Result!