US & Allied Vehicle Kits

Our military vehicle stencil kits have been put togther to give you a good start with all the main stencils you need for marking up your vehicle. If your vehicle is not listed please contact us and we will only be to happy to advise the stencils the vehicle requires.

As our vehicle stencil kits have many variables such as fonts styles and stencil lettering sizes we custom make these to your requirements, so please contact us with your specifications, and if you dont know what you want we will only be to happy to advise.

All military vehicle stencil kits as standard are made in single use materials.

Featured products
Picture of US Jeep GPW/MB/M201 Kit
Complete US Jeep GPW/MB/M201 Kit


Picture of Dodge WC51/52/56/57 (3/4 Ton)
Complete Dodge Vehicle Marking Set


Picture of GMC 352/353 Soft Cab
Complete GMC Soft Cab Vehicle Set


Picture of GMC 352/353 Hard Cab
Complete GMC Hard Cab Vehicle Kit


Picture of M35 Reo
Complete M35 Reo Stencil Kit


Picture of Diamond T 969 Kit
Complete Kit (In either American or British format)


Picture of Ben Hur Trailer Kit
Ben Hur Trailer Stencil kit, as towed behind GMC or Dodge